OK Lemon Law

OK Lemon Law

What Can I Do?

If you have purchased a new motorized vehicle that requires titling under Oklahoma law than it is subject to Oklahoma's Lemon Law. To have it be consideredand a "lemon" under the law you must provide in writing to the manufacturer a statement of the problem within the first year of ownership and

  1. permit repair for that particular problem at least 4 different times during the year or;
  2. the vehicle must be "out of service" as a result of that repair for a combined total of 30 business days within the first year.
USED CARS: You should locate a good body shop and an ASE Certified Mechanic of your choice. You will likely be charged approximately $125 dollars but it could provide you peace of mind and allow you to provide the necessary evidence that you were defrauded.

NEW CARS: It is important to permit a dealership, other than the one where the car was purchased, to evaluate the problems you are having. There may be automotive shops which are also qualified to evaluate your automobile.

Remember, it is important that do not "lead" the mechanic and/or body technician with details you may already know. Just describe the symptoms of the problem and allow him/her to evaluate in writing. You want his/her input to be objective.

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