Auto Sales Fraud

Auto Sales Fraud

New and Used automobile purchasers in Oklahoma are often subjected to "high-pressure" tactics and fraudulent statements by sales personnel in order to sell you a car!

Before you read, check out this example of what happened to a CONSUMER LIKE YOU when he bought a used car.

The following are some examples of HIGH PRESSURE TACTICS:
  • Telling you that your credit is so bad "that this is the best deal you're going to get anywhere".
  • Forcing you to stay at the dealership until you're so tired you fail to read all the terms of your sales contract.
  • Taking your trade-in, and the keys, for an "evaluation" and keeping it until you're so tired that you are willing to "close" the deal just to go home .
  • Allowing you to drive the vehicle home prior to completing the sale and then failing to return your trade-in timely.
  • Telling you that the offer is "good" only for today.

The following FRAUDULENT BEHAVIORS are illegal:
  • Documents which falsely state the number of miles on the automobile;
  • Undisclosed damage to the automobile;
  • Undisclosed prior owner or that it is a rental car;
  • Any false statement, either printed or given verbally, which significantly influenced your decision to purchase the car or the GAP or Extended Warranty products;
  • Verbally stating that certain "special incentives" will be included when they are not made part of the contract and therefore are not enforcable ;
  • Forcing you to sign an Arbitration Agreement when you are not obligated to do so;
  • Falsely stating you are only qualified to purchase the automobile at a "higher interest rate" or with specific equipment or at a certain higher price.
  • Stating one thing about the car when the documents say something completely different.


  1. Get your financing through a bank or credit union, before you go to the dealership.
  2. If possible, shop online and do not go to the car lot until the price and payments have been negotiated in writing VIA EMAIL. Get the NADA value of your trade-in and the car you want to buy before you sign any agreements. YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR MIND AFTER YOU SIGN WITHOUT EVIDENCE OF FRAUD.
  3. Pay for an inspection at a third party automotive repair if purchasing a used car and run the VIN number through VIN check.
  4. You are not obligated to purchase any additional items and all such charges should be questioned if not refused. Dealers profit as much as 50% from each additional charge on the contract.
  5. Take a witness into all negotiations, including the document signing. It is your right. If they refuse, walk away.
  6. Don't sign the Arbitration Clause with your name, instead sign "Refused to Sign" and continuing signing the documents. They likely won't notice but if they object, walk away.
  7. TAKE YOUR COPIES WITH YOU AT THAT TIME OF SALE. Once they are signed the dealer is as obligated to that contract as you are and has no right to change their mind even if they say, "We couldn't get you financed".

Request for Certified Title History

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Repossession lawsuits can be defended. We offer legal defense that is affordable. Please see the information on a separate page.


Arbitration clauses generally prevent consumers from having their day in court, but class action bans in these clauses cause even more harm. Numerous courts around the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have recognized that class actions are an efficient way to address widespread wrongs. Class actions are particularly important for consumers, whose individual claims are relatively smallbut whose losses, in the aggregate, are quite large. Unless consumers can proceed on a classwide basis, it will often be financially impossible for them to seek relief at all, and a company willbe able to evade liability and keep money obtained due to those practices, merely because it harmed many people for small amounts instead of only a few people for large amounts. Don't agree to an Arbitration Clause. Tell the seller you refuse to sign these rights away!


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