Auto Repossession

Auto Repossession

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  1. Request, via certified mail, return receipt requested, a complete accounting from the financing company.
  2. Do not make incriminating statements on the phone; Assume all calls are recorded.
  3. If you are able, offer to bring thecount up to date.
  4. Remove personal possessions and all documents related to the automobile purchase, including warranty documents, from the car.
  5. If you know there is no way to make the payments, return the automobile to the dealership/finance company voluntarily and take pictures of its interior and exterior condition.
  6. If negotiation is still possible, avoid leaving your automobile in the open as repo companies will pick it up.
  7. If you car is garaged, you are not obligated to release it to a repossion company.
  8. Remember, the repo guy works for the car dealer-they may not "breach the peace" by forcing you to give up your vehicle.


  1. Locate and keep all documents related to the purchase.
  2. Repossession companies are not permitted to breach the peace, harrass you in any way, or threaten you.
  3. Keep all letters/documents received from the financing company.
  4. If you believe fraud was involved in the sale or repossession of your car, prepare a detailed personal narrative of the facts and make copies of all letters and documents associated with any communications regarding the vehicle.
  5. Contact this office in preparation for your defense.

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